What we do

Nasco ICT has launched a series of projects in Ghana aimed at providing children and young people with the necessary computer tools to access education through communication technologies. For these Ghanaian students, computers cease to be elements that can only be seen drawn or photographed in a book to become, finally, real tools, practical and useful tools with which to learn and have access to information and education.


Since September 2014, Sawla (north of Ghana) has a library with computers accessed by more than 2,200 students from 8 different educational centers.

In the center there are classes totally free of introduction to computer science where they learn the basics to use a computer and to know both the operating system and office programs.

The creation of the center has been possible thanks to donations and support from Nibus (Denmark), Africa Yes, Red Bull and Labdoo. Read More →


Four schools in St Augustine use the computer classroom to train more than 1,300 students in an area with serious difficulties in accessing training of this type.

Thanks to the use of the computer room of Nasco ICT, the percentage of passed in the science subject has been improved and has gone from 52% to 71% in the success rate.


Tuna, located in the north of the country, has a computer center in its institute where almost 2,000 students enjoy the possibility of learning to use a PC.

The center is not only open to students, but teachers, school workers and all those who want to train in information technology can access classes and computers.

The creation of the center has been possible thanks to the donations and support of Nibus (Denmark).